Activities overview
In March 2018, the Regional Preparatory Meetings for the seven thematic axes of the III Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES 2018) came to an end. These events contributed to the discussion and definition of the conceptual and propositional aspects for the final documents of each axe that will serve as inputs for the Declaration of the CRES 2018.
The dissemination of the CRES 2018 reached the Venezuelan academic community with a meeting of rectors on March 6th, that took place at UNESCO-IESALC´s headquarters, occasion in which issues regarding Venezuelan higher education and local universities were also discussed. Also this month the CRES 2018 Second Circular was launched, inviting the global and regional academic communities to participate in this meeting.
The UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean published the 25th Anniversary Collection of the Higher Education and Society Journal (Revista Educación Superior y Sociedad ESS), an online collection composed by 13 issues and 105 articles, that represent 63% of the 33 countries of the region. The main goal of the ESS Journal is to identify gaps in knowledge and new inter-disciplinary research priorities on higher education with the purpose of encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences and the critical debate. On the occasion, UNESCO-IESALC called the national and international academic community to submit scientific articles for the journal before August 1st.
Regional Preparatory Meeting of the CRES 2018’s Seventh Thematic Axis
Roberto Markarian, rector of the Universidad de la República (UdelaR) gave the welcoming speech where he expressed his concern about student participation in the next Regional Conference and committed himself and the UdelaR to promote their participation, “it is fundamental that the current view of the process that stemmed in Latin America from the Reform be adequately set forth”, he informed. | Read more 
CRES 2018 Second Circular is launched

With the participation of the institutions that make up the higher education (HE) systems of the region, the CRES 2018 will constitute the global meeting of regional nature that will assemble all the actors in order to formulate proposals and lines of action that will consolidate HE as a human and universal right, a strategic public and social good, and a responsibility and duty of the States. | Read more

Presentation of the III CRES to the Venezuelan academic community
The director of UNESCO-IESALC, Pedro Henríquez Guajardo, explained the conceptual bases of CRES 2018 to those present, and took the opportunity invited the national universities to attend the regional conference. "The university is concerned with making knowledge a tool for social progress," said Henríquez Guajardo, referring to the thematic axis of CRES 2018 regarding social responsibility within higher education institutions (HE). The heterogeneity of the existing higher education systems in the region and the difficulty of being able to count with a single quality system that could be adapted to all countries were topics addressed by the director of UNESCO’s Institute; he also emphasized on the need for the CRES to assume the acceptance and respect for this diversity. | Read more 
The Higher Education and Society Journal (ESS) opens its 2018 call for participation
Higher Education and Society (ESS), a scientific, biannual, selected and indexed journal, carry out by the UNESCO International Institute for higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean, calls the national and international academic community, to participate in the journal, from March 1st to August 1st, 2018, in order to identify breaches in knowledge and new inter-disciplinary research priorities on higher education with the purpose of encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences and the critical debate. | Read more
Specialists of the CRES 2018 axe on Sustainable Development debate in Colombia
The Regional Preliminary Meeting of the Strategic Role of Higher Education in the Sustainable Development of Latin America and the Caribbean axe had as main goals to discuss and organize the proposed document’s final version, conceptual input of the III CRES’s Declaration, and to organize the area’s thematic book for its publication. | Read more
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