CRES 2018 Second Circular is launched

On June 2017, the UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish abbreviation UNESCO-IESALC), in conjunction with the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Spanish abbreviation UNC), the National Inter-university Council of Argentina (Spanish abbreviation CIN) and the Secretariat for University Policies at the Ministry of Education and Sports of Argentina (Spanish abbreviation SPU) informed the entire educational community of the region about the preparation of the III Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES 2018) to be held in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, from June 11th to the 15th, 2018.

With the participation of the institutions that make up the higher education (HE) systems of the region, the CRES 2018 will constitute the global meeting of regional nature that will assemble all the actors in order to formulate proposals and lines of action that will consolidate HE as a human and universal right, a strategic public and social good, and a responsibility and duty of the States. On this occasion, the Regional Conference coincides with the celebration of the first centenary of the University of Cordoba Reform of 1918, which brings us to invite you very specially to also participate in the academic and popular festivities scheduled for June 15th by the UNC authorities.

Planning Activities
On May 2017, the CRES began its agenda of planning activities with the goal of elaborating the Declaration and the road map for the formulation of a Plan of Action, both UNESCO´s normative instruments which will guide the integration and strengthening of the regional HE ahead of the challenges that the region confronts.

During the planning period of the III CRES, the thematic axes were defined; the respective technical teams were designated; virtual forums were launched; technical meetings between the thematic coordinators were carried out; and preliminary regional encounters took place, all these to consolidate the conceptual framework towards the proposal of the final version of the CRES 2018 thematic document. Lastly, the Executive Committee, assisted by UNESCO-IESALC and UNC’s teams, has made advances on the logistic details related to meetings of this size and importance.

In the interest of guaranteeing the participation principles of inclusion, diversity and regionalization, the CRES´s organization invited regional HE actors to send their recommendations, as was informed at the VIII Encuentro de Redes y Consejos de Rectores (VIII Meeting of University Networks and Councils of Rectors of Latin America and the Caribbean) that took place in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre in August 2017.

The CRES 2018 advances in the coordination of the CRES 2018 Collection with 11 editorial proposals that gather the opinions, visions and recommendations of the most diverse HE actors of the region. This collection will be a conceptual reference of the region’s HE and will be launched during the Conference.
Cordoba Program and Registration
The III CRES 2018 program includes plenary activities in charge of prominent lecturers, simultaneous symposiums, thematic dialogue tables of teams and analysis committees, as well as presentations carried out by UNESCO. There will also be diverse cultural activities and popular festivities at the UNC campus and all over the city. The program concludes on June 15th with the central act of the commemoration of the 1918 Reform’s festivities which will be carried out by the UNC.

Those interested in participating in the III CRES can register online from February 15th 2018 on, and simultaneously choose one of the symposiums. Registration is mandatory for everyone wishing to participate through the platform. It is important to emphasize that, due to logistic reasons, each symposium will have limited capacity. All the CRES 2018 activities are of free participation. In the web site you will also find information about hotels in Cordoba. We wish to underline that the event has no registration fees and that transportation and lodging charges are responsibility of the attendees, with no exceptions.

The III CRES 2018 expects to receive a large attendance from all over the region and will have the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba as its main headquarters.


We hope to count with your participation.


In representation of the Executive Committee,